4 Things You Should Know Before You Decide To Move Out

4 Things You Should Know Before You Decide To Move Out

I couldn't wait to move out once I turned 18. I'd scroll through Zoopla everyday, bookmarking cute affordable apartments. I kept getting told that moving out so soon would be illogical and a waste of money. Did I listen? Hell no! I wanted out. After I turned 20, I finally moved out and in to a gorgeous house with my bestfriend. The first two weeks turned out to be everything I yearned for and more; picking out furniture, organising the house, inviting people round, tv and Netflix with my bestfriend, I even loved cleaning the house. But that was all pretty short lived when it was time for us to pay rent and the long list of added bills.

I lost my job only a couple of months into living in the house because of an injury. I couldn't work at all. My life turned upside down and there's no way we could have seen it coming. My wage just about covered all of the expenses, I didn't have any savings, I wasn't prepared for it and suddenly my independence didn't seem worth it anymore. Now I know you're probably thinking "but I won't injure myself and be left without money". And that's probably true, but there are so many unforeseen circumstances that could leave you in a really difficult situation. Aside from that, there's 4 things that I think you should know before you decide to take the plunge:


Just eat. Ben + Jerry's ice cream. Alcohol. New clothes. Make-up.                                   ... they'll all be completely out of your reach. You'll have important sh*t to waste your money on, like, council tax and a tv license. 


...unless it involves drinking a cuppa on the couch watching Jeremy Kyle with your pals. Because that's all you'll be able to afford. Chances are if you don't give up your Saturday nights out then you won't be able to make next month's rent. Sucks right?


After the high from the sudden increase of independence wears off, you find yourself becoming lonelier by the second.  I lived with my bestfriend but we still had our own lives; we couldn't spend every day and night together. Eventually you'll see that Netflix shows just aren't keeping you company as much as they used to. After a while I found myself inviting other friends to come and stay, or I'd go and stay at my dads every weekend.


...and there is absolutely no way of avoiding it once you leave home. You have to remember what day the bins go out. You have to remember to wash your work uniform. You have to remember to buy washing up liquid and toilet roll. I was NOT prepared to remember so much boring adult stuff.

Just make sure that you're moving out for the right reasons and not just because you want to. Make sure you have savings otherwise you're just working to pay bills, instead of enjoying your life.

I moved back home 6 months after leaving and I'm so happy now. Sure I have money problems, but I'm not stressing about not having enough to pay a load of bills. I've experienced that independence, so I'm in no rush to jump back in to it again. The next time I move out it'll be with my boyfriend to settle down, in which case I'll be ready.

Love, Han


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